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BUF Electrical Automation Engineering

BUF electrical automation engineering d.o.o. was build up as a company with expertise in HVAC energy saving automation, electrical design, electrical installation an management. Based on more then 12 years of experience within HVAC developing different way of energy saving based on time schedule, climatic condition and many others energy saving systems. Our company philosophy and driving ethos remains the same today as when we began our journey – to offer, deliver and maintain the highest levels of industry standards.

It is this attitude and approach that inspires our company mission, to place ourselves at the forefront of the marine industry and electrical industry. Excellence is at the heart of our philosophy and manifests itself in our determination to embrace, develop and create the new technologies and techniques that will lead our industry not just today but into tomorrow.


Expert design consultants

BUF is classed as an industry expert and provides a wide range of air conditioning-related consulting services for the marine industry, including the following:

  • design of bespoke air conditioning system for ships and private yachts, using the most up-to-date technologies available
  • design of retrofit to systems, resolving issues using best practice
  • rewieving designs and specification for newbuild or system upgrades

Technicians and engineers

Our electrical technicians have a wide skill set in all aspects of electrical engineering.


  • Communication cable – profibus, profinet, LAN and CAN
  • Signal cable
  • Fibre optic and Ethernet Cabling and Splicing – post installation – delivered with certfied measurements
  • Power cabling
  • Panel building, wiring and commissioning.

All of our Field, commissioning and Development Engineers are fully Siemens and ABB Certified. They are regularly updated of new product releases and Development techniques. Our speciality lies not only with Siemens Simatic 7 but also with the now non supported Siemens Simatic 5. BUF electrical automation engineering electrical has a specially designed test facility that enables the refurbishment and guarantee of Step 5 HW. CPU, Power Supplies, Communication Cards, Analog Inputs and Digital Outputs. All Siemens Step 7 HW is delivered with a one year Guarantee and technical support.

Our fully certified Intouch and WinCC Engineers also specialise in the production of HMI applications. Our HMI pages allow the operator maximum control with minimal effort, as they are solely designed around the functionality of the system.

BUF electrical automation engineering also offers the knowledge regarding system integration. Communication protocols between HMI, Automation hardware and web based systems require experience, knowledge and precision.